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Integrated Review Materials workbook for Statistics Informed
Decisions Using Data 5th edition by Michael Sullivan III  
(Traditional softback workbook or online version/e-text sold in
ISBN-13: 9780134606675

OCC Custom Edition Package for both the workbook and main
textbook can be purchased from the bookstore:
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Section 1.IR1 - Fundamentals of Fractions
Section 1.IR2 - Fundamentals of Decimals
Section 1.IR3 - The Real Number Line
Section 1.IR4 - Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Section 1.IR5 - Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Section 1.IR6 - Operations on Decimals
Section 1.IR7 - Fundamentals of Percent Notation
Section 1.IR8 - Language Used In Modeling

Section 2.IR1 - Exponents and the Order of Operations
Section 2.IR2 - Square Roots
Section 2.IR3 - Simplifying Algebraic Expressions; Summation Notation
Section 2.IR4 - Solving Linear Equations
Section 2.IR5 - Using Linear Equations to Solve Problems

Section 3.IR1 - The Rectangular Coordinate System and Equations In
Two Variables
Section 3.IR2 - Graphing Equations In Two Variables
Section 3.IR3 - Slope
Section 3.IR4 - Slope-Intercept Form of a Line
Section 3.IR5 - Point-Slope Form of a Line

Section 4.IR1 - Scientific Notation
Section 4.IR2 - Interval Notation; Intersection and Union of Sets
Section 4.IR3 - Linear Inequalities

Section 6.IR1 - Perimeter and Area of Polygons and Circles

Section 8.IR1 - Compound Inequalities
Section 8.IR2 - Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities

Extra Practice #1 - Probability; Cards & Dice
Extra Practice #2 - Probability Distributions; Mean and Standard Dev.
Extra Practice #3 - Binomial Distribution
Extra Practice #4 - Identify Spec. Area Under A Curve; Shading Areas
Extra Practice #5 - Standard Normal; Finding z-scores & Critical Values
Extra Practice #6 - Central Limit Theorem; Sampling Distributions
Extra Practice #7 - Confidence Intervals
Extra Practice #8 - Type I & Type II Errors
Extra Practice #9 - Hypothesis Tests: One Proportion
Extra Practice #10 - Hypothesis Tests: One Mean
Extra Practice #11 - Hypothesis Tests: Two Proportions
Extra Practice #12 - Hypothesis Tests: Two Means
Extra Practice #13 - Goodness-of-Fit Test; Chi-Square Distribution

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